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Our Work

Planning, Research, Design & Community Development


We believe in community-driven decision making and have assisted communities of all sizes in envisioning a better future. 

Architecture & Urban Design


Quality architecture and urban design work together to create welcoming spaces and more desirable places to live.  We strive to design and arrange physical elements to evoke feelings and create a lasting impression. This image-ability contributes to “sense of place.”  

Community & Neighborhood Development


When understanding the goals, concerns, aspirations, values, priorities, and vision for a place, as articulated by stakeholders, we can more effectively engage with people to refine existing and/or develop new tools to meet community objectives.  


Creative Placemaking


Our approach to Creative Placemaking deeply engages the arts, culture, and creativity, in planning and implementation, so that the resulting community better reflects their local culture, heritage and values.

Community Planning


Our community planning efforts strive to make communities more livable by regulating land use, creating design guidelines, and/or developing finance packages.

Urban Design


Our neighborhood-based approach stimulates creative design solutions for improvement projects and helps to enhance livability and contribute to the quality of life for residents.   

Architectural Design


Valued architecture goes beyond fulfilling the needs of it occupants, but also has an important role in creating great places.      Our architectural design work   

focuses on creating authentic places that are strongly influenced by their context and have a positive impact on their community.

Economic Development


 Equitable economic development is economic growth from which all members, or certainly more members of society, accrue some benefit. True equitable economic development initiatives have an economic benefit to a larger cross-section of existing residents & business owners. 

Public Engagement


We work  to ensure that all members of the community are involved and represented in the decision-making process. We involve neighborhood residents and stakeholders throughout the planning process to identify a shared focus for moving forward.  

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